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I went and saw Pacific Rim on Friday night. I ended up seeing it in 3D, as not all of the group I was going with could make the earlier showings in glorious 2D. That being said, the use of 3D in this movie did not feel gimmicky at all, which is the usual problem I have with movies with 3D.

But I've been sort of avoiding other discussions of this movie because I've been mulling it over in my head. I want to go see it again, but we'll make due right now with my initial analysis of one of the more interesting points of this movie. (I could write reams of meta on this movie.)

Pacific Rim is a giant mecha movie. )
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Crack fic fusion has gone and developed sections. And I think the Epic dial got broken somewhere around "11".

It's been a long time since a story has eaten my brain in such a way.

Some observations on fusion fic and the writing thereof )
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Oh look, it's ridiculous o'clock and I have an SGA trivia question!

The Atlantis Expedition was supposed to be international, right? I know we saw scientist, medical, and research personnel from all over. But were there any non-American military personnel on Atlantis? Or was Atlantis specifically the US military's?

I wouldn't be surprised if NATO countries, say, sent military personnel on the Atlantis Expedition. But, considering we never hear from the Russian unit in the SGC after a certain point, um, the SGC isn't really good at international cooperation in the military, to put it lightly.
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Although it could be my brain is chewing on Gateverse science again.

I, um, may have just created the handwave of "naquadah-ion" (even though it is not an element *hums REALLY loudly*) batteries. For those neat Dell laptops and tablets used on Atlantis. Why? Because I've never seen one run out of power, and I don't think 120V, 60A AC power outlets are exactly common in the Pegasus galaxy. And since every naquadah generator on Atlantis isn't sprouting about 500 daisy-chained power strips and extension cords that run down every single hallway, causing traffic hazards...

Why the hell do I think about these things at 4AM?
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One of the best things about going to school with a bunch of geeks, and taking a class in science fiction and fantasy media, is that you get quotes like this:

"Stargate has given me unrealistic expectations: all alien planets will have one village where they all speak English."

"Except when they don't."

"Except when they don't. And everyone has a two syllable name."
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Why I keep doing this to myself, I'll never know. But, once again, I am trying to make sense of Gate'verse science. May god have mercy upon my soul.

Question: how effective is the ATA gene therapy? 30%? 50%? 60%? 85%? All I remember is McKay at one point got the therapy and it took, so he could fly the jumper. Aaand...that's about it. How much does the city respond to just people, regardless of the gene or not? Because if Atlantis requires that you have the gene to open a door, the gene therapy better damn well have at least 97% effectiveness, or people like Sheppard would be running around the entire time opening doors for people. Which, um, no.

On the other hand, if the gene just lets you play with the really cool stuff, like jumpers, then I can believe a 50% or lower success rate. But that doesn't really make much sense, if the Ancients wanted to make sure no one but them or people like them (read: NOT THE WRAITH) could play with their toys or city. Then again, I may be giving the Ancients too much credit.

(Can you people tell it's the end of the semester? Whee, I can't control my brain anymore.)
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During the LJ server move, I ended up pestering [livejournal.com profile] holdouttrout with the most recent aspect of the 'gateverse my brain latched onto. This time, it's "so, how does naquadah enhance explosions?"

cut for epic technobabble )

Anyway, if anyone has any further ideas, or evidence, or theories, please feel free to share.

ETA: fixed wording issue and added a damn conclusion
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Okay, LJ hivemind, I've got a 'gateverse question maybe you could help me out on:

Consider ring transports from ship to planet and vice versa. Does this method of transportation from planet to ship require at minimum two people: one to beam up and one at the controls? I know we've seen on the show the reverse can be done with only one person (set it and then dive for the rings). But I can't seem to remember if we've seen one person be able to beam themselves up. (If so, probably via remote control.)

Of course, the absence of this capability would kind of explain the overall superiority of Asgard beaming tech, except I thought the rings were yet another piece of Ancient tech cannibalized by the Goa'uld. I could, of course, be wrong.

(Why, yes, I have nothing better to think about at 9:45AM on a Monday morning right before class.)
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...why am I actually sitting down and coming up with a plausible way that the Ori could possibly conquer Earth? Because I don't think they'd nuke us from orbit, because they get their power from worshipers. (At least, as I understand it. I might have to go back and rewatch s10.) From what I understand of the 'gate-verse, Earth apparently has a population orders of magnitude larger than most other planets. The Ori would have to be not only stupid, but failing at the basic survival techniques. I kind of find that a bit hard to believe.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am going to be talking about religions. This will be in a purely theoretical sense. There might be some analysis too. Please do not think I am hating on your beliefs or anything.

This is going to get really philosophical and slightly psychological really fast. )
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(going to try to type this up before the Mountain Dew wears off. I've been awake 36 hours.)

So, once again, friends and I were at a restaurant: (paraphrased conversation)

"So, the Stargate, it disassembles you and reassembles you on the other side."
"So are we saying it acts more like a teleporter or is it actually a wormhole."
"Well, remember E=mc^2."
"Yes. That's a heck of a lot of energy. Also, c is constant."
"Right, but wormhole."
"Okay. But it disassembles you and sends you as energy? Or are does it also send your atoms?"
"Okay, okay. Still. Lot of energy. Or does it simply reassemble you on the other side using the fundamental particles to create the appropriate atoms. Because it can't be down to atoms only if you bring, for example, an element that doesn't exist on one end through."
"Also, remember that you can pass matter through to a 'gate in a vacuum."
"Oh right. So it's impossible to recreate a ship for example on the other side if the other 'gate is floating in space. So it's probably sending fundamental particles."
"That's kind of impressive. Especially if its loss-less."
"Hey, can you create matter just out of energy?"
"The answer is: the plot."
"Okay, with boundary conditions of "the plot", can you create matter out of just energy?"
*digression on nuclear reactors*
"Yeah, you can create matter out of energy all the time. You're just also creating antimatter at the same time."

And then we digressed to ships powered by antimatter engines to small black holes and the LHC at CERN (I believe the idea for a tabletop "The Pirates of Dark Matter" came up again) and how the world might end this summer or at least we should all be ready with crowbars in case there's a dimensional breach and the headcrabs come through.
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Conversation at lunch today (paraphrased):

"So, if one Stargate was orbiting the planet in space, and the other was on a planet, and you opened a connection, how dead are we?"
"How so?"
"Using the Stargate to limit the flow, how fast will it take to reach equilibrium, between the atmosphere and vacuum? Ignoring bulkheads, doors, corridors, etc under a mountain."
"Well, it'll take time to move the atmosphere from around the planet, and the rate will slow down the thinner the atmosphere gets..."
"Don't forget that, barring being connected to a black hole or having a giant red laser aimed at the Stargate, it closes after 38 minutes."
"So, with boundary conditions of 'the plot', how much dead should we have been?"
"You know, this is actually an easy calculation. I'll get back to you on it."
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I've somehow managed to find myself rereading Utopian Entrepreneur by Brenda Laurel. (It was one of the required texts for a class I took 1.5 years ago.) It's a really wonderful little book, and it's a very easy read. As background information, Laurel is a Silicon Valley veteran who's managed to participate in four of the major computer tech bubbles of the last 25 years (those being games, multimedia, virtual reality, and the infamous dot-coms). She was also one of the founders of the late girl's software company Purple Moon, a company that actually made games aimed at the adolescent female demographic, not cheap marketing tie-ins to earn an exploitive quick buck. (I have issues with a lot of the so-called "games" intended for girls back in the 1990s. It's gotten a bit better these days, but it's still pretty bad.) Really, it's a really good read.

But I wanted to share one thing she had to say on storytelling:

Brenda Laurel, on stories )
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I have a tendency nowadays to do an ungodly amount of research for whatever it is I'm writing. *glares at the XAOSverse Master Doc* This means I generally have anywhere between 1 and 5 Firefox browsers open with between 2-15 tabs each on a series of four desktops (I loves you, Virtual Dimension) at all times. Most of these tabs are of various Wikipedia articles, although these days other sites get hit up a lot too.

Since I'm just wasting time anyway right now, because I've decided that I'm going to finish actually watching the entirety of Stargate before I seriously write any of the three fics for it I have in my head (although two of them are s8 and mid-s9 of SG-1, which I have watched, and the third is an AU anyway, so the point is moot), I figure I'd throw up a list of useful links for people.

  • Encyclopedia Mythica, one of THE best reference sites for mythology from all over the world on the 'net. What it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in breadth in terms of what's there. It's my default site for looking up anything mythological before I jump to another source for more detail. Such as:
  • Perseus Digital Library, like Project Guttenburg, only for Classical Mythology. Also includes some documents from the English Renaissance. Spearhead is currently making extensive use of this.
  • The Electric Eclectic, a writing resource on practically everything. I have not yet had the time to look through everything, but this thing pretty much just got immediately bookmarked like five minutes ago when I found it and decided to write this entry in the first place. (link via MetaFilter)
  • Historical References for Fanfic Writers, which is a collection of, well, what the title says. Don't let the title fool you; it's useful for more than just fanfic. I've had this bookmarked for years, although I hardly use it because I don't write much historical fiction.
  • The Final Fantasy Compendium, which as an extensive listing of almost every reference Square-Enix has put into the Final Fantasy series since the first one, from historical and mythological significance, with extensive cross-listing. I was shamelessly inspired by this thing during the writing of Centauri.
  • The Seventh Sanctum, fun with generators. Not exactly a reference site, but awesome enough to be here anyway. :)

Oh awesome. I'm no longer dead-tired, although trying to go do quantum would probably be poor.
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Note to Self: Trying to understand the inherent difficulties in dealing with mathematical systems based in octal and their subsequent technologies in terms of marrying them to mathematics and technologies developed in decimal and/or binary is just flat-out a bad idea when it's 2AM and you're suffering from a headache.

In which I proceed to give myself a headache )

Clearly, I need to stop because the only way I'm getting anywhere further tonight would be by downing Jolt, and that's just Not A Good Idea when I'm trying to unfuck my sleep-schedule.
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