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I think I'm going to start posting any new Manifestos over here. Or at least cross-posting. At least, the non-political ranty type ones. You know, the ones where I pretend I'm 17 and anarchistic again. *eyeroll*

At the very least, I might start doing essays again. I've suddenly got the urge to write the one about growing up and life as a girl gamer. It's better these days, because I can walk into an EB Games or GameStop without being stared at like I'm a strange creature, but then I sometimes walk into one back in Milwaukee, and it hits me all over again. It also seems to be worse when I'm not wearing cargos, baggy shirt, and leather jacket. Anyway, yeah. I need to dig out my sources, but I think that one needs to get written. (I currently found my copy of utopian entrepreneur by Brenda Laurel, and it's currently sitting on my desk.)

Other fics are not so much stalled as being studiously ignored while I attempt to wrestle with quantum. Luckily, any jokes about quantum tunneling are perfectly acceptable in both universes, so I have little to worry about if it decides to take over my brain.
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If you look at the profile page, it now states that the works I post on this journal are now under a license from Creative Commons.

Why Creative Commons? )

All XAOSverse and other original works are under that. If I ever actually write it, I suppose fanworks are also under there.
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As the bio says, this is the writing journal for [livejournal.com profile] ultranos. Written works that I feel like sharing with the rest of the world get to be posted here. Also, rants about writing (including what I'm writing, what I want to write, what I don't want to write, and the character voices in my head who won't shut up) will also be present when I don't feel like cluttering up my main journal or subjecting zephyr to them.

I may also delve into fan rants about various things. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

This journal, unlike my other one, makes use of the "tags" feature. Navigate by those if you care.
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