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I might have said a month ago that I got suckered into signing up for NaNoWriMo. Yeah, uh, about that. That happened...not so much. Mostly because about 2.5 weeks ago, another friend came up to me and asked for help on getting a tabletop system a mutual friend wrote to work with what he wanted. And so I basically wrote a tabletop system instead of a novel this month. (It's in draft form. Once I finish the GM guide, it's going to need to be playtested. And I'm still not sure I'm entirely happy with the high-level progression. This is why people write splatbooks, isn't it?)

This really only could happen to me.
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[personal profile] rydra_wong asked me about these icons:

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If you want to be memed, comment with "enthalpy" and I'll pick five of your icons for you to discuss.
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"Sandbender" is a real (jargon) term that's been in use far before the start of the Avatar series. It refers to a person involved in silicon lithography and the physical design of integrated circuits. Unsurprisingly, the term originated at IBM.

That, my friends, is awesome. I am literally learning how to be a sandbender!

Somedays, I actually do love my life.
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I think the 'gateverse spoiled me a bit. As I've mentioned (many) times before, I wandered into this particular branch of the asylum from anime/manga and video games. Which basically means I'm pretty darn used to small, obscure fandoms, even if I didn't participate in them. (How small? Yuletide doesn't even have 'em.) Except nowadays, I'm grumpy about it.

The relevance here is that I've been rewatching Kino no Tabi or Kino's Journey. (And I somehow managed to forget what a mind screw "Land of Books" was. Oy, my head.) I watched it the first time summer after freshman year, back when I was moody and depressive. It helped kick me out of that phase, being exactly the lyrical, philosophical, and slightly artsy thing I needed. So much that immediately following finishing the series, I went and dropped over $60 on importing an artbook and short story picture book I can't even read.

My moments of sheer fangirlism are expensive. I'm glad I don't actually get hit with them often.

Anyway, I'm mostly irritated in my own laziness for getting scared out of taking Japanese, because it's really, really frustrating that the official translation of the light novels are being held up by legal issues and Baka-Tsuki only has a few stories out of the other eleven novels translated into English. (Okay, so I also really wanted to do my humanities concentration in Comparative Media Studies, which I did, and thus could not actually fit Japanese into my schedule, but still. I'm allowed to have unreasonable expectations of myself.)

And I'm losing my train of thought because it's 3:45 in the morning. (And I seem to be abusing italics in this post. And parenthetical remarks.)

I think the point of this was that I'm slightly bemused that I'm slipping back into old modes of comfort fandoms and tastes in media. Makes me wonder if how I dove headfirst into 'gateverse fandom was a one-off thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did, because I actually got involved in fandom instead of being the Eternal Lurker, not to mention meeting a whole bunch of awesome people. But I'm not finding, well, Western media gripping me in the same way, but instead I'm hearing the siren song of JRPGs and anime/manga again. (Blame Atlus and Persona 4...a lot.) At this point, Leverage is about the only thing on American TV that's guaranteed to get me to watch.

(No, I still have not caught up with Sanctuary, and am still lost somewhere in s1. I dunno why I'm just not getting around to watching it, even when I had a whole lot of free time.)

Maybe I'm just bad at TV.

Speaking of things I used to do, I was digging around my room a while ago when I excavated some old folders of mine full of old sketches and drawings. I have come to the following conclusions:
a) I was a much better artist 4-5 years ago than I am now, and
b) this is clearly Wrong of me and I should Fix it.

Which might explain how I managed to purchase 3 sketchbooks within 4 weeks. Not that I've used them all, but I have. Although now I remember why I only draw on one side of the page, because the pencil always freaking smudges when the book is closed and lives in my backpack. I forgot how irritating that is. But I'm trying to draw more, and I need to give more time to relaxing hobbies like that. This was also the logic behind finally buying new guitar strings for both my guitars after nearly 10 years of disuse, because I figure I should remember how to play without the expectations of other people pushing me to do it. I got disinterested in playing because I felt pushed to the point where it stopped being fun, so I pushed back. But drawing has always been mine, and I remember some drawings I really wish I could find that are probably really interesting looks into my psyche as a teenager. (No, seriously. I had a phase of drawing winged humanoids/angelic beings, and you could probably tell exactly what my mood was at the time based on if the subject of the drawing was flying or not.)

I just want it back, I guess. Maybe because I'm getting prepared to take the next great big flying leap into the Great Unknown in a few months. I always get like this at times like this. As if I'm trying to figure out what to carry with me and what to leave behind. Not so much as putting away childish things, but making sure I hold tight onto things that are Me. I don't know if that makes any sense whatsoever; maybe I'm just crazy.
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Watched the two Tengan Toppa Gurran Lagann movies tonight. I don't know how Gainax managed to do it, but they SOMEHOW made it even MORE AWESOME. They made the robots EVEN BIGGER. Trust me, before today, I didn't even realized that was possible.

Tomorrow (well, technically later today), I have to go teach how to safely use tools by having them deconstruct an old couch. My biggest challenge will actually be refraining from posing with sunglasses and a power drill, while yelling "MINE IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS".

It happens.

I'm taking a class this term on video game ethics, and one of the assignments is playing a game this month and writing a paper on the ethical choices it might have the player make, and how the game deals with them. I'm already dismissing any/all MMOs out of hand, because I really don't enjoy most of those types (SMT:Imagine was the rare exception). The assignment would rather I play a game I haven't before, which takes out KOTOR I, Mass Effect 1, Valkyrie Profile, Persona 4, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. (I could play my copy of Beyond Good and Evil, but playing a, er, pirated copy of a game for an ethics class is a little far on the "completely missing the point" axis. Same goes for other ROMs of mine.)

So I've narrowed it down to inFAMOUS and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I'll probably try to play both, because I'd like to finish the game for the paper. And Nocturne is approximately impossible. I know people who die in the tutorial dungeon. Yeah.
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Term started this week. However, due to me "Winning Class Assignments Forever Amen", expect my to keep talking about video games in the near future. *shrug* What can I say? Between one class telling me that I have to play a game in the month of February (and write a paper on it), and the other asking for both something about Japanese popular culture that interests me AND putting Anime Boston on the syllabus...

Winning. Homework. Assignments. Forever.

Bonus points for a number of the possible games I could choose for this assignment already being on my to-play list (I am so very tempted to make a case for either Persona 3 or Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne).

In other news, for some reason, I found myself rereading Kino no Tabi by Keiichi Sigsawa and thinking about watching the series again. It's a very, very excellent series, by the way. Kino and the talking motorcycle Hermes travel from Land to Land, seeing and observing what they can about the world, but never staying more than three days. Most of the places they visit are alternatingly beautiful, heartbreaking, cruel, and whimsical. Kino's world is a mix of pastoral wildnerness and flying machines mixed with slavery, cannibalism, justifiable homicide and unjustifiable homicide, even as with these as the standard operating procedure for various countries Kino and Hermes visit. Kino attempts to be an impartial observer, refusing to make judgments about any country, and relies on a combination of quick wits and a mean quick-draw to stay alive. As the tagline says, "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is."

It's one of my favorite series ever, and I highly recommend it.
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1. [livejournal.com profile] chaos_thon is highly, highly tempting. Gah. I should not make decisions at 2:00AM. I KNOW BETTER, REALLY. But it's not like the Oathkeeper'verse is taking over my brain any less after I figured out it was actually secretly (or not-so-secretly) the "Taming Fenrir" 'verse. (I still say the reason it took me so long to figure it out is that I know of no female actor who could pull off the main character in "Taming Fenrir" believably.)

2. I am writing PLOT for a tabletop. Yes. Hah. I FEEL EVIL.

3. Maybe I should poke at the crack!fic.

4. Or the doom!fic.

4.5. Maybe I should have a vote. Since life by committee is SUCH A GOOD IDEA.

5. Saw Invictus tonight. It was good. Morgan Freeman = still awesome. Rugby >> American football. Although someone went a little overboard on the slow-motion film technique. Guys, we don't need a stretch of 10 minutes at reduced speed. Really.

6. MYSTERY HUNT! This weekend! Puzzles until my brain asplodes. Or I get tired of people, whatever comes first. (Knowing me, probably the latter.)
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1a. The fake TV show meme has made it abundantly clear, in case I didn't know it before, that I'm too goddamned used to writing LARPs (Guild, specifically) and other Epics in general. :P What do you mean, I don't have to cast 50 people? I don't get it!

1b. It also makes clear that I know voice actors way better than live-action. My past may be showing a bit here.

2. Wisconsin is kinda boring.

3. I'm supposed to fly back tomorrow. Of course, there's both a Winter Weather Advisory and Wind Advisory in Middlesex Co. for tonight and tomorrow morning. Is easy travel during the winter just once too much to ask?

4. IAP starts Monday! FINALLY!

5. I really do need to figure out the rule system and scenarios to this tabletop I want to start soon. (Time police, yo.) d20 isn't what I want. I'm looking at GURPS, but the combat system is making me wary. I'm half-tempted to write my own based off the d100 system. I also might be insane.
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1. Working on that fake TV show meme that's going around. It's sort of like writing the bare-bones charsheets for a Guild game. Except I suspect the hardest part will be casting, because damn if I know actors. Gaaah...

2. Picked up a new sketchbook on Tuesday! This is exciting, because I've had the itch to start sketching again recently. Except on the very first page, I realized I'd managed how to forget how to draw 3/4 profile, turned towards the right. This is very irritating. And I still can't draw people without doing the wireframe/circles-and-ovals for figuring out poses.

3. I need a book. The one I picked up in Borders before I left was for reading while waiting or on the plane. It's good enough for that, as I read it in the waiting room at the doctor's today without a problem, but it's not making me want to read it more than that. Shame too, since it's supposedly a fantasy spy, cloak-and-dagger style story with necromancy, which should be relevant to my interests. I think I got spoiled on Deepgate Codex trilogy and the Throne of Amenkor trilogy.

4. I feel as if there are about 20 things I should be doing, but can't find the willpower to do any of them.

5. I sleep now.
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I finished watching all of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in 72 hours.

I may suddenly start TALKING IN ALL CAPS or thinking about ROBOTS COMBINING INTO BIGGER ROBOTS. Or posing dramatically. And yelling. With determination.

Because that fuels the awesome. And if I am full of a determined and fighting spirit, nothing can stand in my way. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!


Um. I found the End of Awesome. It's...pretty damn awesome. And big. Huge. Think of the biggest thing you can. No. It's bigger than that.

*wanders off to Do Something Awesome*


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