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1. I was browsing Tumblr awhile ago and came across a Bioware Confession that said that the poster would wish to cast the actress who played Maria Hill in The Avengers as Commander Shepard in a theoretical live-action film. I really can't unsee it now.

2. Seeding a Pandora station with Two Steps from Hell, Florence + the Machine, and Matthew Good (Band) really confuses the genome.

3. I have officially given up any and all pretense of actually being in control of writing this fic. It is going to be infinity words long because Commander Mouthy has Opinions. Christ, I'm going to need to go Make Friends or something to find a beta for this eventually. Assuming I can actually weave this narrative.

3a. Not that I really care if anyone other than me is willing to read it. I'm not just turning left here, I've changed phases and am throwing around complex vectors.

3b. "Fanon conventions, what fanon conventions?" This is me, ignoring, ignorant, or blatantly throwing out fanon Because I Can.

3c. Again, goddamn you and your Take A Third Option tendencies. There wasn't supposed to be a Third Option! Although you did jack the Epic level past 11.

4. Finally built a Lego set I've had around for about 3 years. I never realized safety orange and black were Bad Guy colors. Now the only set I have left to build is the space police one with the criminals looking like Ood, only more Cthulhu-y.

5. I suddenly have the oddest craving for scones.
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People really, really need to stop making me think about impossible or highly disparate crossovers. Because I inevitably start thinking just how it could possibly work, and that way lies madness. Which, under certain circumstances, means I make note of the sign and the border and keep on going right over it at 150km/h.

In related news, I seem to be writing a possibly workable Dragon Age: Origins/Mass Effect crossover. No, I don't know either. In fact, the file name contains the phrase "oh my god, what is this I don't even".

Well, at least I'll have something to poke at on the train tomorrow.
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Alex is currently stymieing all efforts to write them. Actually, this is rather unfair to Alexander. Alexander will calmly point out, as many times is necessary, that Alex is Alex, and doesn't actually give a whit what pronoun is used. It's actually my problem. I guess we could say that Alexander is genderqueer. (Alex's backstory, as described in "Taming Fenrir" is that they were born female-sexed, raised as male, and due to genetic-engineering fuckery, required a metric fuckton (ask any scientist; this is totally a valid unit of measurement) of treatments, some of which included male hormones, as a child/teen to not die. This is also sci-fi, so work with me here. Alex's public identity is as a man. In private, she'll use male or female pronouns pretty much as he feels like.)

I'm mostly trying to figure out how to write them so as not to horribly offend anyone. Any suggestions? (This is locked down so that, if I did fuck up in the above, I trust you guys to take me to task for it. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone.)

On a less relevant note, it's incredibly satisfying to be able to fire up Universe Sandbox and figure out reasonable-sounding interstellar travel and neatly side-step Scifi Writers Have No Sense of Scale.


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