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1. I was browsing Tumblr awhile ago and came across a Bioware Confession that said that the poster would wish to cast the actress who played Maria Hill in The Avengers as Commander Shepard in a theoretical live-action film. I really can't unsee it now.

2. Seeding a Pandora station with Two Steps from Hell, Florence + the Machine, and Matthew Good (Band) really confuses the genome.

3. I have officially given up any and all pretense of actually being in control of writing this fic. It is going to be infinity words long because Commander Mouthy has Opinions. Christ, I'm going to need to go Make Friends or something to find a beta for this eventually. Assuming I can actually weave this narrative.

3a. Not that I really care if anyone other than me is willing to read it. I'm not just turning left here, I've changed phases and am throwing around complex vectors.

3b. "Fanon conventions, what fanon conventions?" This is me, ignoring, ignorant, or blatantly throwing out fanon Because I Can.

3c. Again, goddamn you and your Take A Third Option tendencies. There wasn't supposed to be a Third Option! Although you did jack the Epic level past 11.

4. Finally built a Lego set I've had around for about 3 years. I never realized safety orange and black were Bad Guy colors. Now the only set I have left to build is the space police one with the criminals looking like Ood, only more Cthulhu-y.

5. I suddenly have the oddest craving for scones.
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People really, really need to stop making me think about impossible or highly disparate crossovers. Because I inevitably start thinking just how it could possibly work, and that way lies madness. Which, under certain circumstances, means I make note of the sign and the border and keep on going right over it at 150km/h.

In related news, I seem to be writing a possibly workable Dragon Age: Origins/Mass Effect crossover. No, I don't know either. In fact, the file name contains the phrase "oh my god, what is this I don't even".

Well, at least I'll have something to poke at on the train tomorrow.
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Someone tell me it's a terrible idea to start the Mass Effect series over from New Game+ on ME1. (I'm currently refraining from checking Codex entries in ME2 and 3 because I had an insight into the ending, and really, I should be letting this go and not let myself obsess more. But goddamn, do I ever get like this when a story carves me up inside and leaves me thinking and hurting for days.) The fact that I'm enjoying playing multiplayer with my housemates does nothing to help the desire to play more. Again. *facepalm*

That I should go and goddamn finish my Dragon Age:Origins game that's almost at the end so I can play Awakening and DA2. Or, you know, any of the other games on my very long list. Like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep or Devil Survivor 2. Or Civ5. Actually, no, let's not play Civ5.

Because, the thing is, I realized that I do need to take time every day to play a game or something because it makes me happy. And maybe I'm not getting the most sleep ever, but it's restful enough and I'm not stressed out. I realized a month ago that I should say to hell with the idea that I should be spending my time "doing something else productive" instead of gaming when that "something else" just turns into "staring stupidly at the internet" because I don't actually have anything else I need to do. My brain finally got the memo that I'm not actually in school anymore, and no, playing a game isn't wasting time. That it's good and healthy for me to take time every day to do the thing that makes me happy because even an hour or two vastly improves my quality of life.
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David Gaider is a lovely man.

(Warning I guess for stupid homophobia but worth it for the eloquent smackdown on the Privilege of the Majority by one of Bioware's writers. Of course, there may be Stupid in the comments, I didn't read them.)

This coupled with recent serious discussions I've seen on inclusiveness and intersectionality (racism! sexism! homophobia! We need to FIX THESE THINGS!) in the gaming world is starting to make up for years of stupid.
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So, my reluctance to pre-order Dragon Age II actually has little to nothing to do with the fact that I haven't finished the first one nor played the demo yet. It actually mostly stems from the fact that, once again, there's Day 1 DLC. Which is irritating in and of itself, but what's got me currently pissy at EA and Bioware is that said DLC was included with the purchase of the Signature Edition (for no extra charge). The Signature Edition was available to everyone who pre-ordered before 2/11 (or thereabouts), and was in fact the edition you would get if you did so.

DA2 showed up on Steam for pre-order on 2/12.

I'm kinda pissy at them. To the point where I'm leaning towards just waiting until the first time the DLC + game pack goes on sale on Steam. It's not like I have a dearth of games to play. In fact, in some ways, they might have done me a favor.

I think my current plan for finishing games is
-DA1 (Origins [currently in Denereim], Awakening, and the 2 DLC packs left)
-P3P (think I'm in September)
-SMT: Devil Survivor (I'm on Day 7, I just need to grind because I chose the crazy option on first playthrough)
-Mass Effect 1 (2nd to last major mission; I suspect 5-8 hours total, including time to remember how to be a sniper)

Then, in some order:
-Mass Effect 2
-Dragon Age 2
-KH: Birth By Sleep
-SMT: Devil Summoner 1 and 2

This is not counting to to be released games:
-Catherine (July)
-Okamiden (mid-March)
-Portal 2 (April)

If you notice something strange on that last list, yes, AtlusUSA has announced that they're localizing Catherine, the game that proves that Atlus has indeed discovered the way to put sheer WTF into game form. It also further convinces me that if we can figure out how to turn WTF into energy, we'd solve the energy crisis. Of course, that means Japan will rule us all, as they are the undisputed masters of generating WTF, but hey. In any case, I will most likely end up pre-ordering Catherine, feel slightly dirty for doing so, and will live in abject fear of what Atlus could possibly include as preorder bonuses. Oh, the things I'll do to try to ensure the existence of a hypothetical Persona 5 (or localized ports of ALL of P2 even!) in my hands.
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Quick summary of recent developments while playing Dragon Age: Origins :

-*checks off list* Humans, dwarves, elves, demons, undead, werewolves, and now...talking trees. BINGO!

-The method for indicating loot is making the area sparkle. Dead monsters drop loot. Dead monsters include undead. Therefore, killed undead with loot sparkle. I THINK BIOWARE IS MOCKING SOMETHING. XD

-This is the first time a video game character has gotten mouthy at me and taken the plot in some direction I didn't expect. Huh. I'm...uncertain as to this development in my brainspace.

-Oh boy! Triang relations! That don't get any easier to solve in the computer, sadly, AND WHY YOU MAKE *SADFACE* AT ME, [redacted]?! Oh crap, Bioware figured out how to tap into the "Catholic Guilt" part of my brain. I AM DOOMED.

-Oh. That's probably the OTHER reason this game got rated 'M'.

In conclusion, I am still having a blast with this game. :D

Speaking of characters nomming on my brainspace, a character I developed roughly 12 years ago is being incredibly mouthy and has entirely rewritten her backstory in the span of the last few weeks. Leaving me going, "oh, huh. I guess it does work better this way."

I'm fairly convinced at this point that I don't actually control my own brain.
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Still addicted to Dragon Age: Origins. I, er, may have fallen in love with the setting. It's bloody and there's political intrigue and the Blight is near enough to an apocalypse to count. (There always needs to be an "it's the end of the world!" plot) I'm also loving the fact that I can be snarky, and was absolutely delighted when one of the dialogue responses was literally what I said out loud to the computer.

It's kind of fun playing the Human Noble origin as "I know how to behave in public and according to my station, but I have a sharp tongue when I want to". (And I wish I could find my PC's brother, because I'm just about convinced that the Cousland siblings were bloody hilarious and absolute terrors as children. Huzzah, personal canon.)

Also awkward: suddenly getting The Talk from one of my party members. I apparently triggered a flag somewhere. Because the fact my PC was involved with another party member was news to me. Which leads me to imagining her blinking a lot and going "wait, what?"

And the party member I thought would hate me forever and leave the party (until I figured out how to talk to him) is the first one other than my dog to have a 100% approval rating. *dances*

In other news, a strange and wonderful thing happened on Friday. At 3pm, after coming into work at 11am and taking lunch, I found that I had...nothing in my queue. I'd designed a part for someone, finished QCing the last order I had, and then wrestling with Ubuntu to install MATLAB and Eagle on the computer running the new CNC mill. It was very strange. But not unwelcome! I like being able to stare at TVTropes and Metafilter guilt-free.

Which I've been doing a lot of, because my GM team for the tenday we're writing is picking up speed. We're juuust about out of the major planning phase, and I expect the hardcore writing of characters, mechanics, and plot to start soon. Which is good, as one of the GMs got hired by a company out in SF and will be remote for the majority of the writing. Good thing we have a repo.
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So, today my alarm went off. I flailed at the snooze button, rolled over, then remembered something and checked my email on my phone, found out that the Institute was closed today for all non-essential staff (I'm not essential in the least), and then burrowed further into my blankets and went back to sleep.

Yay, snow days. Yeah, Boston got buried again. And I'm saying this as a former Midwesterner, so I know snow.

Thus my day was mostly spent gaming and drinking tea. Well, tea and then homemade hot chocolate made from Mexican chocolate with Guajillo Chili (from Taza Chocolate). It was gooood.

Reinstalled Supreme Commander after the Great Windows XP Crash of 2010, so I expect SupCom parties in my near future (MONKEYLORD!). During the installation and patching process (which took...some time), I watched Yarmond play Valkyria Chronicles, which is no-really-we-swear-not-WWII. Where the Empire might be either Germany or Soviet Russia and the Federation is the allies, and as far as we can tell, you might be Lithuania or some other small Baltic state. The map is we-swear-it's-not-Europe-see-Italy-is-missing. It's kind of hilarious. But most importantly, you have a tank. A tank that goes "RRRRRRRR'. No, seriously, the tank has comic-style lettering next to it when it moves going "RRRRRRR". It's kind of ridiculously adorable.

And then I managed to get myself horribly addicted to playing Dragon Age: Origins, which I bought as part of the Dragon Age Ultimate during the Steam sale on Christmas Day for $25. It's totally worth the $25. I've played for 6 hours, and I'm disappointed I have to stop because I have work tomorrow.

I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed these days with Bioware. I remember being kind of "meh" about Neverwinter Nights the first time I played it, but I was very much used to JRPGs. This isn't JRPG, but it's engaging enough in the story to trigger that part of my brain and engage it. The inability of a lot of western RPGs to do this is pretty much why I don't play a lot of them. Sandbox games are fun, but I find I enjoy an RPG a lot more if the story and/or characters are engaging. And DA has that, even if I only have Alistar and Morrigan as my party members right now.

(And I'm so very, very glad that Claudia Black is doing a lot of voice acting work. It's not a visible job, but it's a lot, and let me tell you: after sitting through years of terrible VA in video games, good voice actors are worth their weight in gold.)


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