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I have fallen hard, fast, and head-over-heels in love with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I managed to convince myself that sitting down and watching the whole thing was actually working, seeing as how I have a 10-page paper due next week on it. :)

Anyway, I was looking at my Field Ops Weir action figure (also known in these parts as Repli!Weir), and realized that, damn, she looks a lot like Sarah Connor.

I mentioned this to [livejournal.com profile] abyssinia4077. Abyssis has told me I am not allowed to write any more AUs right now.

Therefore, someone ELSE has to write the fic where Liz and Sarah are related somehow. And after Atlantis meets up with the Asurans, Liz calls the SGC and says "Find Sarah Connor. Atlantis needs her."

And Jack O'Neill, is gobsmacked and yells "The TERRORIST?!"

And Liz's response is just "She's not crazy. She's not a terrorist. She's my [relation], and if you want someone who knows how to deal with killer robots, you get Sarah goddamn Connor."


(SCC has a tendency to reduce me to capslock)

But I CAN'T WRITE IT. I have NO TIME. This is causing EPIC SADFACE.
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Oh look, it's ridiculous o'clock and I have an SGA trivia question!

The Atlantis Expedition was supposed to be international, right? I know we saw scientist, medical, and research personnel from all over. But were there any non-American military personnel on Atlantis? Or was Atlantis specifically the US military's?

I wouldn't be surprised if NATO countries, say, sent military personnel on the Atlantis Expedition. But, considering we never hear from the Russian unit in the SGC after a certain point, um, the SGC isn't really good at international cooperation in the military, to put it lightly.
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Although it could be my brain is chewing on Gateverse science again.

I, um, may have just created the handwave of "naquadah-ion" (even though it is not an element *hums REALLY loudly*) batteries. For those neat Dell laptops and tablets used on Atlantis. Why? Because I've never seen one run out of power, and I don't think 120V, 60A AC power outlets are exactly common in the Pegasus galaxy. And since every naquadah generator on Atlantis isn't sprouting about 500 daisy-chained power strips and extension cords that run down every single hallway, causing traffic hazards...

Why the hell do I think about these things at 4AM?
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Why I keep doing this to myself, I'll never know. But, once again, I am trying to make sense of Gate'verse science. May god have mercy upon my soul.

Question: how effective is the ATA gene therapy? 30%? 50%? 60%? 85%? All I remember is McKay at one point got the therapy and it took, so he could fly the jumper. Aaand...that's about it. How much does the city respond to just people, regardless of the gene or not? Because if Atlantis requires that you have the gene to open a door, the gene therapy better damn well have at least 97% effectiveness, or people like Sheppard would be running around the entire time opening doors for people. Which, um, no.

On the other hand, if the gene just lets you play with the really cool stuff, like jumpers, then I can believe a 50% or lower success rate. But that doesn't really make much sense, if the Ancients wanted to make sure no one but them or people like them (read: NOT THE WRAITH) could play with their toys or city. Then again, I may be giving the Ancients too much credit.

(Can you people tell it's the end of the semester? Whee, I can't control my brain anymore.)
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Still digging around for old comment-fic collection.

Title: A Different Sort of Holy War
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ultranos
Rating: PG
Characters: Rodney McKay, Sam Carter, hapless tech personnel
Warnings: s4 spoilers, in that Sam is on Atlantis. Is the moratorium on that spoiler over yet?
Notes: written for [livejournal.com profile] surreallis's Pornucopia in October 2007. Twas my first fanfic, and I'm only just now remembering to archive it. God, I am such a bad fic-mommy.

A Different Sort of Holy War )
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