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Hey all. I'm still not very good at this whole updating thing but whatever.

1. Finished first solo playthrough of Borderlands 2. Now have True Vault Hunter Mode open for Zer0. Next on the list is get through TVHM with him and to play through some more with Maya.

2. The above got put on hold when Mystery Hunt came up. And the team I was on (the one named [the entire text of Atlas Shrugged], because there was no character limit on the form and we're like that) actually won this year! Which is awesome! And now means we have to write next year's Hunt.

Here's to me avoiding leadership responsibilities.

3. Handed off the tabletop ruleset I'm writing based on Persona to DMark. He's now editing it (thank god), and helping me rebalance things I knew were broken but couldn't see how to fix because I'd been staring at it too long.

I'm going to need to figure out what to do with the damn thing once it's done. There's a tabletop a friend's running that's going to use it, but my goal is to make this fairly self-contained and playable by people who are not me and do not know me. It's, well, it's probably getting close to publishable. I'm just not sure if I should put my RL name on it, since it is copyrighted material. Fair Use might cover it (it is remixed), and I don't want to make money off it.

In any case, I'm considering uploading all the documents onto a website I theoretically maintain (although I haven't touched it since 2009). I'm unsure yet, and especially unsure about the name problem.

In some ways, it might be good to have it under my RL name, if I ever want to seriously pursue my parents' suggestion of somehow using my hobby of writing games to get into some career. I'm just a bit torn by it. I'd probably be less torn if it was 100% original.

Which is possibly another reason to go write the AtLA-inspired elemental-mages-and-weaponsmasters-wuxia system I've been tossing around since 2010.
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I returned from visiting family on 12/30. It was nice, and I did have fun (sometimes more than I thought I would. It's funny how sometimes the people you felt awkward with as a kid are now the people you feel most comfortable with as an adult.) but I'm glad to be back. I really can't live there anymore. I'm now officially the "kid living farthest from 'home'" on both sides, as my brother moved back for grad school.

In other news, TB somehow convinced me to start watching Community (it really wasn't that hard once he set up his Hulu Plus account on the PS3 for common use). Normally, I'm not much of a sitcom fan, but this show has won me over. Hell, it made me like it just by not having a laugh track. I really hate those things. Anyway, I'm only a few episodes in, but have been promised good things, so we'll see.

Despite making out like a bandit during the Steam Holiday Sale (picked up FTL, Spec Ops: The Line, Dark Souls, and Skyrim (yes, finally)), I've still mostly been playing Borderlands 2. Still somewhere in the middle (?) of my first playthrough with Zer0. I started up a new character with two friends to play co-op with, choosing Maya this time, and promptly fell in love with her Phaselock ability. Dear god, where have you been all my life?

I suspect Borderlands 2 is going to be my new SupCom until Planetary Annihilation comes out. I'm not going to be able to put this thing down for long.
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I am getting really terrible at posting to this thing. (I try to read it every day. Post, not so much.)

I started Fallout: New Vegas. I got about 15 hours in, at which point the Steam Thanksgiving Sale started. And Borderlands 2 went on sale. Now, I'd been waffling over purchasing it since before it came out because I hadn't played the first one. And I'm really sensitive to the head-bob in FPSes. (I couldn't play more than 20 minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution before being too nauseated to play.) So I was wary of dropping $20-$60 on a game I couldn't play. (A friend had an extra copy he offered to let me buy off him if I wanted it.) So Yarmond sits me down at his computer and let's me start up a new character and try it out. Three hours later, I'm completely hooked and have my own copy.

At this point, my life has been completely eaten up by Borderlands 2. I'm mostly playing solo right now, since the people I'd normally play with are late in their first playthroughs or in their 2nd. So my plan is to try to get a decent ways in the plot with one character (currently Zer0) and then start a new game with a character for co-op play (probably Maya).

Yes, I started with Zer0, even though I don't usually play FPSes, and he's a bit more complicated to play. And pretty squishy. I die a lot at some fights until I figure out the trick. But I'm enjoying it a lot. The comedic sociopathy and black humor of the game is just really apparently what I needed after the drama-heavy Mass Effect series and Fallout 3.

I'm playing it on Steam, since I've since been converted that FPSes on PC are the way, the truth, and the light. (Seriously, aiming is so much better with keyboard and mouse. And these days, I don't get my fingers tangled in rapidly swapping between WASD and extra controls.) But that means that when I go visit my parents' place later this week, I won't have my PC with me, so I'm going to go through withdrawl. It's bad enough that I'm wondering if my parents' new laptop can handle it. *headdesk*

I'm hopeless.


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