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I finally figured out that, in addition to the new TiVo set the apartment acquired, we also apparently get HBO. (I have a problem getting my memos) So I finally caught up on Game of Thrones. I'd been introduced to the first episode a few weeks ago at a Special Edition of Bad Sci-Fi Night (that edition had GoT, Camelot, and Legend of the Seeker, and the room agreed the world really needs an Arthurian series where Morgan le Fay is the hero). And then I got browbeaten encouraged by a friend to actually freaking catch up, because GoT is actually good.

And it is!

Possible spoilers through 01x06 )

There's also the slightly weirdness going on in my head with my original low-fantasy fic Wintermarch where the titular march state and the Citadel are vaguely similar to Winterfell and the Wall. They are not the same, but I can see parallels. Eh.
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So, I'm currently at work Really Stupid Early (as opposed to Stupid Late, which is more normal). Which apparently means I'm posting. I don't know.

I'm really actually trying to pay attention to fandom, or at least poke at my pile of WIPs, but I'm utterly disinterested. (Although the A:tLA fic might have actually found a title) Well, except for the fact that I keep listening to music (thanks, Stars) and thinking "that'd make a great title". Come on, you know that "In Our Bedroom, After the War" is great for a post-apocalyptic fic. Or an "SG-1/SGA-1 lost and are in exile" fic. Okay, so I just love that album, okay? Everyone needs to listen to it.

In case you haven't noticed, this entire thing is total stream-of-consciousness. Because I woke up Early, and don't actually want coffee because I am on a total tea kick right now. (Matcha, on the other hand, is just about the best thing ever.)

The things that are currently eating my brain is Wintermarch, where demons have invaded and I really need to brush up on my Japanese/Chinese/Russian folklore. I keep running plot and ideas past a friend of mine, and I'm really hoping he'll ding me on cultural misappropriation. Although that's still a big fear of mine, which is why my general policy regarding using any kind of folklore/myth/legend and/or religion and/or culture is to do about 10x more research than I actually use. And that betas/editors will ding me when I screw up.

(I need to get better at doing that for other people, too, though. Although it is painful, and I'm socially-inept enough that I fear Doing It Wrong and not explaining it right. See also: that time I nearly quit the LARP because of that one plot with the culture the players kept reading as Indian. Also known as "two weeks ago".)
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So, I caved and nominated some fandoms for Yuletide. I don't yet know if I'll participate in it, seeing as I'm starting to write a tenday and am contemplating NaNo. But I nominated

Kino no Tabi
Alan Campbell - Deepgate Codex trilogy
Persona 4
Haibane Renmei
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy Tactics

However, I am bitterly certain that the Yuletide admins will rule the last two ineligible because they include the words "Final Fantasy" in their title. Nevermind that FFT has 10 stories on AO3 and FFV has 2. Nevermind that on FF.net, FFI-VI don't even have their own categories and are lumped together. I guess I should just resign myself to the fact that I'll never get the fic I want from those games, just like I did years ago before I heard of Yuletide. (I will never get the "Meliadoul's crisis of faith" fic, will I? Because it's a Nice Thing and I Know The Rules About Nice Things.)

Yes, I am that bitter.

Speaking of NaNo, I've somewhat settled on Wintermarch, but I'm probably just going to use the time to poke at the world and character building aspects due to lack of unallocated free time (see also: writing a tenday). I was just doing some random sketches and somehow ended up drawing plot points, so...yeah, I think I know what my subconscious wants to do. I guess I can create a filter for Wintermarch ramblings, or I'll probably just cut-tag it. *shrug*
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Because it's 1am and I'm not asleep yet.

I'm going to try something here. This is a list of all WiPs I'm theoretically working on. I'm in such a weird headspace right now that I need a push to finish them. So. Here are summaries from what are technically active. As teasers, yes, but as also maybe I'll be motivated if someone kicks me into writing it.

If nothing else, hey, at least I know what I'm theoretically working on.

ETA: Aby reminded me I'm missing one.

I graduate from college, and turn into a demotivated slacker. Who knew? )
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There are frosh arriving on campus, which reminds me that term is about to start, and I am not an undergrad.

In my copious free time (you know, when I'm not working or trying to make sure a theatre production happens), I've been poking at original fic. And it's not Xaos (the science-fantasy epic I've been formulating in my head for the past 10 years).

No, this one is a low-fantasy tale of a trio of assassin/mercs trained as children to use their supernatural (magic) abilities after the war is over. Tentatively titled "Wintermarch".

(And I think my background knowledge is starting to become apparent, because I created these three characters years ago. And one is has a Japanese name, one has a Cantonese name, and the third has something that's vaguely Eastern European. It's kinda fun to now write around this.)

I kinda feel the need to blather and possibly post snippets of this WiP, just to ensure I finish the damn thing. I might create a filter, if people don't want this cluttering up their flists.


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