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A couple of friends and I got it into our heads to sorta do NaNoWriMo this year. Except "sorta" in that we're not all writing novels. A bunch of us have assorted writing projects, and this seemed like an excellent way to use the time and cheer each other on as we did it.

My project? To actually write the pre-alpha rev of my newest tabletop setting: fantasy Asian wuxia and elemental mages. I think I've mentioned it before. (I had to start a BibTeX file for bibliographic references, because this thing is forcing me to pull from university libraries. The friend who is helping me acquire those "halped" by sharing some of the more fascinating parts of Tang era Chinese sex practices she'd found in one of the books. My friends, the most halpful.)

Anyway, since I mentioned the BibTeX thing, I'm also trying to figure out the best way of organizing all sorts of random material I scribble down before I commit it to a giant LaTeX document. I've been using a Moleskine and considered a pack of index cards, but the Moleskeine is getting annoying to flip through and annotate for continued pages when I want to append ideas, and my bedroom floor is already a mess and doesn't need index cards added to it for me to trip over.

I think I want something that lets me tack virtual, infinitely long Post-It notes to my computer screen, so I can reorganize them into pretty patterns with string to make the information flow right. (Oh god, the skill web is going to be a nightmare to design without something like this.)

I remember someone once upon a time mentioning Scrivener, and apparently they have a Windows version now. I downloaded a trial, but I was glancing at the tutorial and I'm not sure this is what I want. I'm specifically not writing a novel or a report. On the other hand, I'm writing lots of little parts that I can hopefully collate later, and Scrivener might keep track of it all. I really need to see if it can export into LaTeX and if it understands BibTeX, because that'd be super. Has anyone used this software? How is it? Can I make it do what I want with corkboard webs on the computer?

Is there any other examples of document writing software like this? I don't even know what to call it.
Date/Time: 2013-10-29 04:24 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] synecdochic
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I think you could probably kick Scrivener into doing what you want it to do (although I don't know if it understands LaTeX/BibTeX), but if that doesn't work, you might want to look into mind mapping software?

Also, in our household, "halpful" is denoted by the phrase "helpful like a cat". :)
Date/Time: 2013-10-29 13:46 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] havocthecat
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Hi, you're here! Where are you mostly on the internet these days, so I can interact with you more?

Anyway, I use Scrivener, but I mostly do novel stuff. But they do collate lots of little parts well, and you can reorganize quite easily with them. So I think you might want to give it another try?

yWriter is a free software, but it has a problem of randomly changing formatting on me and putting double spacing in (I prefer single spacing) or changing all my regular quotes to smart quotes. The creator isn't particulary interested in fixing all of that and so I decided I'd rather pay for software I can control the formatting on. However, yWriter does export to LaTeX. (I don't use it, don't know much about it other than its name, but I do know they've discussed that on the yWriter forums a lot. I probably ought to research what it is.)

Scrivener exports; I have no idea how well they play with LaTeX, though. But I do think that all the oohs and aahs that I heard about Scrivener for years are pretty well deserved. I started putting longer fanfic in it, or even fanfic series, and it's working really well for me that way too.

So tell me more about this project you're working on? Because Asian wuxia and elemental mages sounds like a fascinating game and I would like to hear all about it.
Date/Time: 2013-10-30 02:09 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] abyssinia
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I am now converting all my .docx journal articles into LaTeX for my dissertation because it's so much easier to use the University-provided LaTeX template to conform to all the formatting requirements than trying to wrestle Word into submission. But augh.
Date/Time: 2013-11-26 03:43 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] havocthecat
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Did you end up making things work with Scrivener, or finding another alternative?

So, 3S sounds really fascinating, but the combat system you're trying to come up with sounds like a huge amount of work on the backend. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! I just wonder how it's going.


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