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Looks like this is Yet Another Tooling Weekend. Got my thesis draft back with a ton of corrections to make. Bought thesis paper, and I know where a color printer is, so I'll be set for Monday or die trying.

Also need to write the paper for 21F.039 (Japanese Popular Culture) that I got an extension on by Monday. Oh, and 6.152/3.155 (Micro-Nano Processing Tech) has a design project take-home test due Monday that I...have not even looked at yet. Whoo, go me.

Good thing I've just about nailed my recipe for "Coffee of the Damned" (kona coffee + chili pepper + cinnamon); I'm gonna need it.
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Korean BBQ spare rib ravioli, with lemongrass cream sauce (from the fresh pasta place 15 minutes away): surprisingly delicious.

Also fun: experimenting with tea-infused milkshakes. Currently in-process is Harney & Sons' Hot Cinnamon Spice black tea. Next up (possibly not tonight) is the same company's Chocolate Mint black tea.

I suppose if I'm feeling really ambitious, I could make a bento for tomorrow while my code runs. Although this requires dealing with panko and the bok choy I bought today expressly for this purpose. Or, I could play more SMT: Devil Survivor, seeing as how, once again, I've managed to turn gaming into homework.


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