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I feel like I've hit the point of complete exhaustion. I could probably sleep for a day and it wouldn't really put a dent into how damn tired I am. Eh, whatever.

I hope I made my damn 2.009 team happy by showing up in lab/doing grunt research work this week, because I totally dropped everything else on the floor. Which means I absolutely have to dedicate time to my other classes, or else I'm in big trouble.

There's a chem test tomorrow, and oh my god, I feel so damn guilty about this class. It's freshman chem, and I'm maybe barely passing. I've done jack shit of the problem sets, because the weekly ones aren't collected, and instead there's a weekly 10 point quiz that's your homework grade. So since doing the problem sets are an exercise in busy-work, I don't do them because I have too many other things on my plate. Which means I'm not entirely comfortable with the material. I should be acing this class, and I would be, if I could put any amount of time to it regularly. But I can't, and I'm pissed at myself for getting me into this situation, but I absolutely need to pass this class. I don't care what the grade is, but it needs to be passing.

Thank god I was blessed with a modicum of intelligence when I did my design proposal for my 6.131 final project, and built in a lot of flexibly with deadlines. As in, I'm not absolutely screwed if I don't meet them. Which is likely, and it's fairly easy to catch up at this point. The trick is that I need to do work. Same with 21W.759, which I just need to sit down and do the edits on. I just have been lacking the time.

Which means that I'm going to have to be impossible to get a hold of for my 2.009 team, because, guys, I need to graduate.

I can make it to December 10th. I really can. That's all I need to do, and then I have 5 days to drive 3.091 chem into the ground.

Just need to make it to the 10th.
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Am having a really, really bad day.

I got woken up by a phantom doorbell roughly an hour before my alarm went off, thus meaning I only got 5 hours of sleep.

On Saturday, I reinstalled Windows 7 on Marduk, thus wiping out my music collection on it (on purpose). I decided to try to see if I could use a third-party iTunes alternative (because I have people whining at me about how iTunes sucks and blah blah blah) to try to get the music off Moros (the iPod) instead of having to do it overnight over the network. Didn't work.

Last night, I plug Moros into Bahamut, which is the computer associated with it. Imagine my surprise when I find out that Moros is corrupted and needs to be restored to factory settings.

Now, there are some interesting things you should know about Bahamut and iTunes. Bahamut is running WinXP 64bit, the unloved middle child of Mircosoft between XP and Vista. To get iTunes to even install, I needed to hack the reg values in the executable of the Vista version, since it requires 64-bit and Apple thinks Bahamut is 32-bit (i.e. VERY VERY WRONG).

The first time I synced Moros with Bahamut, it was a long, painstaking affair that took roughly 5 hours and I swore I never would do again.

You can see where this is going.

As of right now, Moros can't have disk use enabled AND sync music on Bahamut, because it crashes iTunes horribly. I have no working iPod. I have roughly 8 hours of labwork I was planning to do today.

I am very, very pissed off.

To top it all off, I was late to 2.009 for the first time all semester. And forgot my pens and power cord for Marduk.

I want this day to die in a fire.


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