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As mentioned in the last post, I have found myself in the position of figuring out what kind of Pokemon team Natasha Romanov would use. Granted, from the MCU, I have my own ideas of the theme of that team (Paper Rams and Lightning Bruisers), specializing in speed and weakness exploitation because the Black Widow does not do long, drawn-out fights and instead is a one-hit, one-kill type. (If this were a different type of game, I'd just build her as a dodgy DPS McFacestabby.)

So, comic book people, I need your help! How would you classify her combat style? Is it how I'm thinking? Or does she do the slugfests that other comic book characters do? (Am I completely off-base and she's the type who's actually slow but goddamn does it hurt when it connects? (I hate playing those fighters in games.))

I NEED YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Or your laughter. That's fine too. This entire endevour is inherently ridiculous.
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1. Some friends found various artwork of the Avengers with Pokemon teams. Because we are nerds, we started analyzing the effectiveness of the teams and found that they're pretty skewed so the more popular characters get the better teams. We decided this is clearly incorrect.

Which is the explanation of how I now have to figure out the other 400+ Pokemon beyond the original 151 because I need to make a team for the Black Widow. And why I have a copy of Pokemon Platinum in the mail today. Because we issued ourselves a challenge to create teams under a theme and then battle to figure out who's the best Pokevenger.

Guys, I think I'm living in a fanfic.

2. Speaking of video games, the new name for Skyrim is "Shit My Dragonborn Does". I'm pretty sure I don't actually control her anymore. I could write a lot about the ridiculousness she's putting me through, though. On the up side, I get to laugh at her. A lot.

3. Zipcar has been my new best friend. I certainly paid them enough on car rentals for job interviews. I think I am in the stage of job hunt where I twiddle my thumbs as I wait for companies to get back to me. Arrrrrggggh.

4a. I'm getting the urge to write fic again. The massive DA/ME crossover I started is scaring me, though. WHAT HAVE I WROUGHT?!

4b. There's a reason a friend asked me if the motto is "Three Drinks Minimum" or "Zero Failure Modes". Possibly also "I Regret Nothing".

5. In addition to the Pokemon game, I have a book on cocktails coming, because I basically threw up my hands and asked "Why not?" The problem here is that I'm still in the process of building a decently-stocked bar. "Problem" because I got educated by alcohol connoisseurs and my standards are...a tad pricy. See 3.

6. I need a new pair of Keens. My current ones are being held together by Gorilla Glue. I would like a pair that doesn't cost $100+. (See 3.) It's nice to want things.

7. Why is the Badger Song stuck in my head?


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