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As mentioned in the last post, I have found myself in the position of figuring out what kind of Pokemon team Natasha Romanov would use. Granted, from the MCU, I have my own ideas of the theme of that team (Paper Rams and Lightning Bruisers), specializing in speed and weakness exploitation because the Black Widow does not do long, drawn-out fights and instead is a one-hit, one-kill type. (If this were a different type of game, I'd just build her as a dodgy DPS McFacestabby.)

So, comic book people, I need your help! How would you classify her combat style? Is it how I'm thinking? Or does she do the slugfests that other comic book characters do? (Am I completely off-base and she's the type who's actually slow but goddamn does it hurt when it connects? (I hate playing those fighters in games.))

I NEED YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Or your laughter. That's fine too. This entire endevour is inherently ridiculous.
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1. Some friends found various artwork of the Avengers with Pokemon teams. Because we are nerds, we started analyzing the effectiveness of the teams and found that they're pretty skewed so the more popular characters get the better teams. We decided this is clearly incorrect.

Which is the explanation of how I now have to figure out the other 400+ Pokemon beyond the original 151 because I need to make a team for the Black Widow. And why I have a copy of Pokemon Platinum in the mail today. Because we issued ourselves a challenge to create teams under a theme and then battle to figure out who's the best Pokevenger.

Guys, I think I'm living in a fanfic.

2. Speaking of video games, the new name for Skyrim is "Shit My Dragonborn Does". I'm pretty sure I don't actually control her anymore. I could write a lot about the ridiculousness she's putting me through, though. On the up side, I get to laugh at her. A lot.

3. Zipcar has been my new best friend. I certainly paid them enough on car rentals for job interviews. I think I am in the stage of job hunt where I twiddle my thumbs as I wait for companies to get back to me. Arrrrrggggh.

4a. I'm getting the urge to write fic again. The massive DA/ME crossover I started is scaring me, though. WHAT HAVE I WROUGHT?!

4b. There's a reason a friend asked me if the motto is "Three Drinks Minimum" or "Zero Failure Modes". Possibly also "I Regret Nothing".

5. In addition to the Pokemon game, I have a book on cocktails coming, because I basically threw up my hands and asked "Why not?" The problem here is that I'm still in the process of building a decently-stocked bar. "Problem" because I got educated by alcohol connoisseurs and my standards are...a tad pricy. See 3.

6. I need a new pair of Keens. My current ones are being held together by Gorilla Glue. I would like a pair that doesn't cost $100+. (See 3.) It's nice to want things.

7. Why is the Badger Song stuck in my head?
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Hey all. I'm still not very good at this whole updating thing but whatever.

1. Finished first solo playthrough of Borderlands 2. Now have True Vault Hunter Mode open for Zer0. Next on the list is get through TVHM with him and to play through some more with Maya.

2. The above got put on hold when Mystery Hunt came up. And the team I was on (the one named [the entire text of Atlas Shrugged], because there was no character limit on the form and we're like that) actually won this year! Which is awesome! And now means we have to write next year's Hunt.

Here's to me avoiding leadership responsibilities.

3. Handed off the tabletop ruleset I'm writing based on Persona to DMark. He's now editing it (thank god), and helping me rebalance things I knew were broken but couldn't see how to fix because I'd been staring at it too long.

I'm going to need to figure out what to do with the damn thing once it's done. There's a tabletop a friend's running that's going to use it, but my goal is to make this fairly self-contained and playable by people who are not me and do not know me. It's, well, it's probably getting close to publishable. I'm just not sure if I should put my RL name on it, since it is copyrighted material. Fair Use might cover it (it is remixed), and I don't want to make money off it.

In any case, I'm considering uploading all the documents onto a website I theoretically maintain (although I haven't touched it since 2009). I'm unsure yet, and especially unsure about the name problem.

In some ways, it might be good to have it under my RL name, if I ever want to seriously pursue my parents' suggestion of somehow using my hobby of writing games to get into some career. I'm just a bit torn by it. I'd probably be less torn if it was 100% original.

Which is possibly another reason to go write the AtLA-inspired elemental-mages-and-weaponsmasters-wuxia system I've been tossing around since 2010.
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I am getting really terrible at posting to this thing. (I try to read it every day. Post, not so much.)

I started Fallout: New Vegas. I got about 15 hours in, at which point the Steam Thanksgiving Sale started. And Borderlands 2 went on sale. Now, I'd been waffling over purchasing it since before it came out because I hadn't played the first one. And I'm really sensitive to the head-bob in FPSes. (I couldn't play more than 20 minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution before being too nauseated to play.) So I was wary of dropping $20-$60 on a game I couldn't play. (A friend had an extra copy he offered to let me buy off him if I wanted it.) So Yarmond sits me down at his computer and let's me start up a new character and try it out. Three hours later, I'm completely hooked and have my own copy.

At this point, my life has been completely eaten up by Borderlands 2. I'm mostly playing solo right now, since the people I'd normally play with are late in their first playthroughs or in their 2nd. So my plan is to try to get a decent ways in the plot with one character (currently Zer0) and then start a new game with a character for co-op play (probably Maya).

Yes, I started with Zer0, even though I don't usually play FPSes, and he's a bit more complicated to play. And pretty squishy. I die a lot at some fights until I figure out the trick. But I'm enjoying it a lot. The comedic sociopathy and black humor of the game is just really apparently what I needed after the drama-heavy Mass Effect series and Fallout 3.

I'm playing it on Steam, since I've since been converted that FPSes on PC are the way, the truth, and the light. (Seriously, aiming is so much better with keyboard and mouse. And these days, I don't get my fingers tangled in rapidly swapping between WASD and extra controls.) But that means that when I go visit my parents' place later this week, I won't have my PC with me, so I'm going to go through withdrawl. It's bad enough that I'm wondering if my parents' new laptop can handle it. *headdesk*

I'm hopeless.
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Uh, I seem to have accidentally NaNoWriMo. It might be because of an agreement with a friend that I'll attempt to write this damn fucking huge Mass Effect/Dragon Age crossover in an attempt to provide relaxation right before finals and whatever stupid her PhD program throws at her. Because I have no sense of self-preservation.

We're still without power, or at least, that was true when I left for work this morning. We're going to have to do a massive fridge purge already, and it's only a matter of time to see if we'll need to do a freezer purge as well. Yarmond pointed out that we could have the best haunted house, because it was dark! And...something. Flashlights. There's only so much sitting in the dark or reading Kindles by flashlight you can do.

Oh, and yesterday's Three Panel Soul was entirely accurate.
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There was a hurricane. MA declared a state of emergency and the Institute actually fucking closed yesterday, so you knew shit could get real. (Seriously, the Institute only closes when there's a 50% or higher chance of the apocalypse.) So we were all home yesterday. I decided to play the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3 and determined that the quicksave button is actually short for "quick, save in case the power goes out". Which is handy, because at about 5PM, the lights seriously started flickering, I slammed the quicksave button, and 5 seconds after getting the confirmation, the power completely died.

Thankfully, we're a bunch of geeks and had flashlights and Link still had the Arduino LED project he made for Firefly this year to power strings of LED fairy lights down the banister so we didn't kill ourselves. Unfortunately, we're a bunch of geeks so after about 10 minutes with no power, we were looking helplessly at each other going "um, what do we do now?" :P

(The answer, in order, was "watch the last 3 episodes of Falling Skies on Link's tablet (so all 4 of us were smashed on a couch in front of small screen), read by flashlight, hook up phone to laptop to get teathered wireless if we had work to do, give up and go to bed.")

Amusingly, this means we were all very happy to go to work today, because work has electricity and things to do.

But we're safe, and hopefully, NStar will get the power back soon. When Link chased them down last night to figure out what happened after the storm and they were on our block, they guessed it might be back this morning. So who knows.
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*blows dust off*

Um, hi. I've been busy lately.

Birthday )

Fallout )


Work )

You know, these updates won't be so long if I updated more often. Or something.
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You know, I don't usually mean to go all radio silence on this. It just kinda ends up happening. I've been fairly distracted lately by mechanics hacking for a high-action LARP universe some friends and I are spinning up. If we succeed, we'll have the new standard for a few years on how to run these. And at least one mechanic, if it's accepted, has the potential to significantly alter how we play these games tactically.

We ran a mechanics test today, and caught a lot of the bugs at low levels. So now to fix 'em. I'm also pretty pleased that I wore my Vibrams, braced both my knees (using a reinforced brace on the bad one), and was able to run around on concrete in a Nerf firefight for 2 hours with no pain. Seriously, I don't remember the last time that happened.

Downing glycosamine tonight to keep this progress up.

Speaking of "Things to Make Me Feel Less Falling-Apart", I've been contemplating the idea of trying climbing. My housemates all do it, and I've been wary because of my knees. But yesterday I was talking to another person who tried climbing for awhile, and she said that although women will use their legs more than their arms as compared to men, climbing really doesn't apply too much torque and strain to the knees. (Bouldering is a different story) I know there are some climbers around here; any advice? Now that my knees survived the stress test today, I'm seriously thinking of giving it a try.

And now to dive back into LaTeX.
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1) I seem to have committed Tumblr. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with this thing. Well, actually, I know what one of them will be, because a certain friend is a TERRIBLE INFLUENCE and we apparently enable each other. [tumblr.com profile] 3shotsminimum is the collaborative one (in which we learn what happens when a couple of engineers/gamers have far too much free time on their hands). If I'm not careful, I might end up getting brow-beaten into posing Mass Effect fic bits on there. Among other ridiculous projects. ([tumblr.com profile] ultranos is the personal one I have no idea what to do with yet.)

2) Speaking of ridiculous projects, I seem to be writing a SIK game. Or several SIK games. Possibly also a one-night. I blame "One Night in Bangkok".

3) I went on vacation! I nearly got my speaking privileges revoked in the Museum of Science and Industry, because I am basically a snarky 12-year-old with a job. (Thank you, yarmond, for that description.)

3b) The MSI had a full-scale replica of Curiosity! It's adorable.

4) I am now only one season behind in Dr. Who. I am, however, caught up with Leverage, The Newsroom, and Warehouse 13. I am making progress! It would be easier if I didn't keep getting distracted by ME3 Multiplayer (anyone else play on PC?)

5) I kind of forgot I have an unplayed copy of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. That might be a good thing to start soon. I miss bashing things with keys.
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1) Got around to playing the Extended Cut on Mass Effect 3. You know how last time I did this, I had this knot in my stomach for about 5 hours and barely avoided crying? This time, it took me 3.5 hours (hours of multiplayer: really useful for getting fast at combat) and I completely lost it at a certain point. I did my original choice, felt completely validated, and yes, I knew it would end this way. Bioware did a fantastic job, and I could probably write an elaborate meta essay on it.

But oh, my poor shattered heart.

2) neboat started watching Warehouse 13 yesterday. So that meant I spent today catching the tail end of s1 and we made it halfway through s2. I could have done something else, but inertia and the heat made it too difficult to think about. :) It also helped distract me from the fact that the dining room table is currently covered in Legos that are not mine. I'm trying very hard to be good.

3) Started reading Spin State yesterday. It's pretty good so far. Oddly, it's pinging less Mass Effect, which is what my brain is telling me is what sci-fi is right now, and more my own Oathkeepers-'verse.

4) Once, just once, I'd like to have a story idea that doesn't morph into a novel. It's really frustrating when all I want to do is be able to finish one. (The current one is a beast, and if it ends up being less than 100K words, I am going to be shocked.)
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1) Part of me feels very guilty for having the AC already going, because it really isn't that hot, but it's for the filter. Because the trees are still trying to kill me, and we've had a lot of rain. On the upside, though, so far it seems to be working (along with "drugging myself with Benedryl before bed on bad nights") and I haven't had a night yet where I only get 3 hours of sleep due to uncontrollable coughing. Ah, spring, you do try your damnedest to murder me every year.

2) I've been staring at LEGOs lately, in part because I realized I had two unconstructed sets just sitting in my closet and because I've had that construction itch again. When I found this from Ichiban Toys, I really could not resist it. (Even the Serenity model could not sway me.) But that hasn't soothed the itch, and when I stumbled upon this model of the SSV Normandy SR-2, complete with LEGO Digital Designer files so I could build it in Alliance colors myself...I'm hopeless. So now I've got a list of parts in an .xls, and I'm scouring BrickLink for parts and oh god, I'm actually going to do this. My latest Bad Idea. I have no idea where I'd even put the damn thing, and I know I'd end up having to take over the dining room table to build it. (The guys have noted that, considering it's LEGO, they really can't say a damn thing against me doing it. They're just as bad.)

Of course this leads to the Auxiliary Bad Idea: appropriate custom minifigs. I blame the fact that BrickArms and BrickForge exist.

3) Finished Bastion last week. Then promptly went and bought the soundtrack. "Build That Wall", "Mother, I'm Here", and "Setting Sail, Coming Home" are probably my favorite tracks.

4) Yarmond is playing Uncharted 2. neboat and I are having far too much fun asking him if Claudia Black has betrayed him yet. (Yes, no, yes, no, maybe? It's complicated!) Black is voicing, as far as I can tell, a treasure-hunter who may or may not be a double-agent for some terrorists and is possibly far cooler than the hero. Go on, be shocked. I dare you. (On the other hand, I had to pull up IMDB to prove one of her VA credits in the Mass Effect series because she sounds totally different.)

5) I seem to be writing another Guild game. This should not be shocking to anyone. Sometimes, I wonder why I don't just write gaming systems and attempt to indie publish them. My mom's been after me to try to turn this game-writing thing into an actual career.
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Oh wow, I apparently haven't been around for awhile. I had a birthday on Thursday. A minor mob of friends and I went to CBC to celebrate, which was great because I haven't seen a few of them in a while.

In a hilarious bit of "this is how my family operates", the card my parents sent me ahead of the gift they sent me came in a pink envelope. Now, I dislike the color, which means of course my mother loves threatening to buy me things in that color because I react by exaggerating my dislike ("If you're very good, I'll buy you this pink dress." "Well then, I'll just have to be a terrible human being!"), so of course I assume this is my mother giving me a hard time. As it turns out, she didn't realize until she was sending the card and had the "oh shit" moment, and apologized. I told her it was funnier my way and that clearly this was all according to her master plan. :)

Last night, Yarmond outdid himself in selections for this year's annual bad movie marathon for my birthday. The ground rules are a) I am not allowed to know the lineup beforehand, and b) I have to stay for every movie. This year had The Hero of Time, a fanmade film based on The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time; Airborne, starring Sean Bean (who of course dies), Torri Higginson, and some other people I don't remember; and Birdemic: Shock and Terror, with Rifftrax, which is the worst hippie ecological movie EVER. We wouldn't have survived the last one without Rifftrax. It has a 2 on IMDB. It was painful. Actually, that's probably an understatement.

I've also apparently found myself watching Warehouse 13 from the beginning. Why was I not watching this show sooner?
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The BBC was filming in my lab, not even 10 feet from my office door.

Apparently, there will be a special on synthetic biology. No, I didn't know this would be happening when I came into work today.

My reaction: "Oh. Okay." And then made tea.
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It probably says things about my life that today I was debugging a circuit in front of an incubator in a BL2 while wearing a Shinra Electric Power Company Staff t-shirt. I'm not sure what though.

(Conversation from yesterday:
"...why does the Media Lab have a BL2?"
"Why not?")
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I am alive! Really! I've just been kind of busy at work, and then coming home and either catching up on Leverage or buying and playing way too many games on Steam. (Steam, why do you keep having such wonderful sales?)

For the record, it's really hard to type fast when your fingers are covered in potting epoxy. Just throwing that out there. The presence of black potting epoxy on my hands might make going through airport security in...3.5 hours really entertaining.

Oh! Due to my excessive watching of Leverage and comments from friends earlier in the week about Shadowrun and recounting our crazy SR campaign that took ten runs to get our first kill (we were amazingly effective and non-lethal! In Shadowrun 3rd Ed.) somehow convinced me that Leverage-themed SR campaign would be hilarious.

I also got myself addicted to Online Dominion, which is...Exactly What It Says On The Tin. Hurray for euro-cardgames? It's to the point where I was dreaming Dominion strategies last night.

I, er, have been poking at [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking for people. Sort of. I think all my writing points have wandered off to the tenday. Or are hiding like ninja.
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1) I seem to have signed up for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking. Mine's here. Um. I'm not quite sure how this happened. I blame the dullness of watching solder melt.

2) My job got exciting again! And...I actually can't really talk about it too much. *kicks the ground* Cutting edge research means you actually kinda do need to practice information security. But it might involve rail guns. Maybe.

3) I suddenly want to buy a lot of Nerf guns. *stares at the Longstrike and the Stampede* I wish the Longstrike actually acts sort of like a sniper rifle, with a much better range than other guns. I was very disappointed by the Longshot's range.

4) Why did the not-really-awake part of my brain decide this morning that writing a sequel to "Tilden's Law" would be a really good idea? The sane and rational part of my brain is already gibbering in a corner.

5) I STILL WANT HOT POT. [personal profile] abyssinia, I'm torturing myself over here.

6) I got myself addicted to some indie games on Steam recently. Chief among them is a shmup called Beat Hazard. It uses your music files to generate weapons, ammo, power-ups, enemies, and bosses.

My music is literally trying to kill me. And it is AWESOME.

7) I finished All You Need is KILL by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. It was good. I posted a review on [livejournal.com profile] book_buzz, and I'm starting Usurper of the Sun by Housuke Nojiri, which is also very good so far. I'm really impressed by the Haikasoru Imprint books so far, and have a pile of books in translation I'm chewing through, with more to come. As I said, I'm planning on posting reviews on book_buzz, but would people be interested in me crossposting the entries here as well?

I just figure there are probably people on my flist/circle who would be interested in Japanese sci-fi and fantasy. (Sci-fi with characters of color! Written by non-Western authors! With strong female characters! I'm actually dead serious about the last one.)
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Things That Make Me Happy (partial list):

-Figuring out the error in my pset on units that make my answers make sense to the correct order of magnitude. This involves literally leaping out of bed and opening MATLAB to do the calculations.

-Tokyo Brass Style playing Studio Ghilbi music. What is Tokyo Brass Style? An all-female swing band who do covers of various anime music. It's just about as awesome as it sounds.

-Second-ever US showing of Summer Wars on campus, with Q&A with the director and producer tonight! And I get to have dinner with the director, Mamoru Hosoda, today! (Okay, so it's pizza, and it's being arranged by one of my professors for his class, but STILL. AWESOME.) I might be a little excited.

--Relatedly, helping map out the timeline(s) from Hosoda's last movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and realizing that the theory of time travel is less a "wibbly-wobbly timey-whimy" ball and more of "time travel as a version-control repository". I believe the phrase "time travel is like a git-repo" was used.
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Overheard while my housemates watch the latest Sanctuary:

"Harry Potter is an abnormal? Those are his glasses..."
"It'd be funny if it showed up. Hogwarts: the Sanctuary in Scotland!"
"I'd watch that."

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1) No, I haven't forgotten about those prompts I asked for a few weeks ago. I've just been ridiculously hosed. I'll get to them eventually.

2) Short story is now in the revision stage. I'm not entirely sure what I'll change, though. There are some parts that are bugging me, but no one dinged me on them, so I'm uncertain whether or not I should change them. Also, I clearly have been trained to write for writing LARPs or entire universes. I kind of stunned some people in the roundtable critique when asked to explain my universe's geopolitical situation. Apparently, not everyone comes up with 5 times the amount of information that actually appears in the story?

3) As if I don't have enough to do, I'm poking at the idea of running a tabletop involving time travel. Possibly in GURPS, which I've never used before. Clearly, I am insane.

4) I was looking at my list of fic WIPs and am feeling the need to write again. And not just [livejournal.com profile] abyssinia4077's and my Fic of Doom. I do realize I have the crack!fic that's still languishing at 10K words, and still needs it's back 2/3s. And the fic Aby wants to kill me for. And...other things. It's just that I have no time and am out of the groove for writing SG-1 right now. I think it's because I've been drilling deep in original fic and into SMT/Persona mythos for both the game I'm writing and the tabletop I'm playing. Someone make me fannish again?

5) There is no five.

6) You know what I miss? Vacations and weekends. I swear to god, I haven't had a For Reals one in weeks. I also miss cooking. I think the last time I went to the grocery store is roughly, uh, 8 weeks ago? Sometime in September, when I forgot to eat dinner, got out of lab at midnight, and went to the 24-hour grocery store for material components to make a grilled cheese sandwich. TERM, WHY WILL YOU NOT END? Wait, no, don't end. Ending now would be painful.
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First off, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Tuesday. I tried to respond in whatever entries on LJ or DW or IMs you expressed that in, but if I missed you, I'm sorry! It was a very low-key birthday, which is okay, because I had other stuff to deal with.

Second, I think I made it through this week on sheer willpower. You know it's bad when, by Wednesday, one of your teammates in a lab class look at you and ask if you're okay, and when you admit to being sleepy, pretty much shove you off to bed.

Thankfully, Monday is a Suicide Day holiday.

Third, I have approx. 1.5 weeks to write a short story for a class. I have the beginning! I have no idea where it's going, but the instructor seems to like it a lot, so...well, we'll go for it. The main character possibly best described at this point as "Fujioka Haruhi meets Shirogane Naoto, and filtered through Ultranos's brain. In space. With SPACE ROMANS. And the Awesome turned up to 11." (For those of you without the frame of reference, er, someone might describe her as "gender confused". This is incorrect. She's not confused, the rest of the universe is.)


I might need to babble at someone over minor issues. Mostly to make sure things make sense as I'm hashing universe details out.


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