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I'd picked up Hydrophobia: Prophecy on Steam on a whim a few weeks ago when it was on pre-order. Okay, the whim was entirely driven by the trailer with the very pretty fluid dynamics, and I'm very happy to say that said fluid dynamics were not pre-rendered. Apparently, the studio who made the game had an aerospace/aeronautical engineering PhD formulate new equations for the fluid mechanics in the game, to make it as realistic as possible with current hardware and the engine. This is significant. Fluid Dynamics Are Hard. Trust me. As it is, I am pleased with this.

It came out today, I've played through Act 1, and I'm pretty sure this was $10 well spent. The setting is some underwater city/boat, it's attacked by terrorists, and who's the one on the job that's gonna save everyone or at least get out alive (because it's the PC, and we know how these things work)?

That's right, the goddamn female engineer. *pumps fist*

Damn straight.

(Kate is having A Bad Day. Her computer stopped working, it's her day night off and she's apparently a workaholic, and then goddamn terrorists attack and now she's swimming up elevator shafts and dodging fire and shooting dangling cables so she doesn't get electrocuted because the entire place is flooding. Oh, and has to hack through her own security system.

Clearly, she and Chell need to go commiserate.)

Apparently, my recent games have featured a female protagonist. Considering my list of games to go through, unless I decide to go play Assassin's Creed 2 or something, this trend is going to continue for the near future. I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS.
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